8 community choice aggregators combine buying power through California Community Power

Northern and central coast Community Choice Aggregators (CCAs) are joining forces by forming a new Joint Powers Authority (JPA) — California Community Power. The JPA allows the CCAs to combine their buying power to procure new, cost-effective clean energy and reliability resources to continue advancing local and state climate goals.

The CCAs forming California Community Power represent 2.6 million customer accounts and 6.6 million people across more than 140 municipalities spanning from Humboldt County to Santa Barbara County. The CCAs serve a combined annual load of 32,600 GWh, which represents about 40% of PG&E’s annual electric load. The member CCAs include: Central Coast Community Energy, East Bay Community Energy, MCE, Peninsula Clean Energy, Redwood Coast Energy Authority, San José Clean Energy, Silicon Valley Clean Energy and Sonoma Clean Power. CleanPowerSF is pursuing membership.

Additional benefits of the new JPA include enhanced negotiating power, larger renewable and storage project procurement, shared risk mitigation and increased opportunities for innovation, as demonstrated by the first major joint procurement for 500 MW of long-duration energy storage. The long-duration Request for Offers seeks a minimum 10-year contract for grid-charged technologies to come online by or before 2026 with a discharge period of at least eight hours. The solicitation is currently in the project evaluation stage.

“California is a policy leader in the fight against climate change. CCAs have helped local communities meet their climate goals by building new renewable resources and implementing programs that reduce emissions from transportation and buildings,” said State Senator Josh Becker, D-Peninsula. “As we work to achieve the clean energy goals set by SB 100, CCAs will continue to play a crucial role to reduce emissions for communities across the state. It is encouraging to see CCAs come together to develop long-duration storage, a crucial resource for achieving our 100% clean energy target.”

“As a long-serving MCE Board Director, I am excited to see the momentum for CCAs in the state,” said MCE Board Director and Mayor of Richmond, Tom Butt. “We started as a small program serving just a handful of communities and the recent creation of California Community Power truly showcases the power of what communities can do when we work together to advance our climate goals, while supporting local economies.”

“Over the years, as the CCA movement has grown, there has been an increase in CCA joint procurement efforts for large-scale renewables and energy storage projects,” said Beth Vaughan, executive director of the California Community Choice Association (CalCCA). “The creation of California Community Power represents a truly community-led approach to advancing cleaner energy, greater reliability, and reduced costs for ratepayers.”

“The JPA model has been proven with municipal utilities operating under this structure for decades,” said Girish Balachandran, Silicon Valley Clean Energy CEO. “We are eager to expand and formalize our partnerships among CCAs to help our communities affordably meet their climate goals while maintaining reliability, as the state transitions to a decarbonized grid.”

CCA climate goals are typically more aggressive than the state mandate to achieve a 100% clean energy grid by 2045. Many CCAs already meet or exceed state mandates for eligible renewable resources and some have set targets to achieve 100% renewable energy by 2030, or match supply with load on a 24/7 basis with renewable or carbon-free generation. California CCAs have done this while saving their customers tens of millions of dollars annually on their utility bills, developing thousands of megawatts of new wind and solar power projects, and developing and offering innovative energy programs.

Under the JPA structure, individual members are not obligated to participate in every procurement or joint project. Each CCA will be represented by their CEO or other designee on the board of directors, which will operate as a public entity with open and transparent meetings compliant with the Brown Act. The JPA structure safeguards members from additional liabilities so there is no added risk for the members. Each CCA maintains its community-driven, local autonomy to meet the needs of their customers and region.

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Southern Energy secures two solar PPAs and needs so as to add storage parts

Southern Power, a US energy wholesaler and subsidiary of Southern Co., has received two 20-year power purchase agreements from Southern California Edison (SCE) and is adding battery-based energy storage resources at both Southern Power’s Tranquility Solar Facility and Garland solar facility in California .

“These projects will be two of the first joint solar and storage projects in the California market,” said Bill Grantham, president of Southern Power. “We are excited to be part of the effort to improve network reliability in California. The addition of these storage resources to our clean energy portfolio is a great fit for our business and will continue to position Southern Power to serve our customers’ needs as the energy industry evolves. “

The battery-based energy storage systems will improve grid reliability in California by providing SCE and the California ISO (CAISO) with additional flexible resource capacities to help further integrate intermittent renewable energies into the grid. The Garland solar facility in Kern County, California will add 88 MW and 352 MWh of energy storage, while the Tranquility solar facility in Fresno County, California will add 72 MW and 288 MWh of energy storage.

The energy storage projects are operated in partnership with AIP Management (on behalf of the Danish pension funds PKA and PenSam) and the Global Atlantic Financial Group, both of which already have stakes in the Garland and Tranquility solar systems, which were commissioned in 2016. Southern Power operates the solar projects and will be responsible for the operation of the energy storage projects after completion.

Southern Power notes that the two energy storage projects are in line with its growth strategy of developing and acquiring projects backed by long-term contracts with strong credit partners.



Spruce Power adds battery and EV charger options to finance offerings

Spruce Power has added batteries and EV chargers to its financing portfolio offers. Formerly known as Spruce Finance, the company already serves 80,000 homeowners with leased solar energy systems or energy efficiency upgrades.

“Spruce Power is extending our business model and product offerings to deliver comprehensive energy solutions to our large customer base,” said Christian Fong, CEO of Spruce Power. “The future of power is distributed, clean and smart. As early adopters of solar, our customer base is eager to add complementary technologies that make their homes more resilient and equipped for an electrified future.

“We are uniquely positioned to support homeowners who want to maximize their clean energy impact with home energy management systems,” said Fong. “Spruce manages a network of more than 100 maintenance and installation partners in 16 of the leading states where rooftop solar systems have been deployed. This infrastructure provides our customers with local support services ranging from performance analysis to solar maintenance, and battery sizing to back-up power installation.”

The expansion of Spruce’s business model aligns with the needs of the changing residential renewable energy market. Spruce pivoted from loan origination to asset ownership and created a servicing arm Energy Service Experts (ESE) for asset management and maintenance in 2017 after restructuring and receiving an investment from HPS Investment Partners. This announcement follows a series of large portfolio acquisitions and capital raisings, with Spruce most recently acquiring two portfolios totaling more than 10,000 solar PV systems.

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How To Pick Proper Ground Rods For My Solar Power Electric Fence

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The Best Deck Builders in San Diego

Have you seen the deck repair San Diego window washing service? Maybe you have but it is not until you get to talk about the price. If you live in the sunny San Diego area and you need a deck repair, maybe you can find a company that will make your garden beautiful again by utilizing deck resurfacing services. These professionals have all of the right tools and know how for almost any type of deck repair needs that you may have.

When it comes to a new deck repair San Diego service, you may be surprised to find out that you are going to have to pay more money. This is due to the fact that there are many variables that could turn this service from inexpensive to an expensive proposition. For example, if you live in a home that has never been built and it has a hole in the roof, you may expect that there will be a cost associated with fixing this problem. However, when you take into account that the same problem would present itself in a house that has a finished basement and that the same company is not going to charge you for this deck repair in a finished basement, you may be pleasantly surprised to find out that your new San Diego pool deck repair is going to end up costing you less than the price of a new one. It all depends upon the type of materials that you have on your property and whether or not your home is finished or unfinished.

The professionals that will be doing your residential window cleaning in San Diego will come in and do a comprehensive inspection. They will also ask you questions about the condition of your decks and other areas of your property so that they can get price quotes. Once they get price quotes, then you can go over each of them with a fine tooth comb in order to determine exactly what you are being charged for the total job. You may be pleasantly surprised to find out that most companies in the San Diego region can lower the cost of deck repair San Diego based upon the problems that you have. If there are too many concerns, then you may have to look elsewhere, but most of the companies that do residential window cleaning in San Diego will honor their warranties if there is something wrong with your residential glass.


How to Calculate Your FERS Retirement

The FERS Retirement Calculator helps FERS workers determine their retirement investments and future pensions. Using this free tool, you can plug in your details and get a very good idea of where your investments stand. By calculating your potential returns, you can invest more effectively, thus ensuring that you and your family have a secure future.

The FERS Retirement Calculator lets you plug in your details so that your future pension can be worked out accurately. Entering this data into the FERS Retirement Calculator automatically will then generate an estimate federal disability and federal annuities based on all the information given. Some of the inputs you might need from the FERS Retirement Calculator include number of years worked, number of hours worked, average wage received each year and number of dependents you have. You can also choose how much you want to contribute for your retirement, as well as how much you are allowed to draw from your tax-qualified retirement account each year. Once you have entered your information, it will be displayed immediately so you can see what your calculations are.

There are many other factors that go into the calculation of your retirement annuity and these are simply the basic ones. The FERS Calculator can be used with several other retirement calculators or programs as well. This is because it takes into consideration several important factors which are used in your federal income retirement annuity. If you wish to have a better understanding of how your future annuity is determined and the way in which it is invested, you should consider downloading the FERS Annuity Calculator.

By downloading FERS Annuity Calculator, you can learn about the basics of how retirement annuities are calculated and how they are invested. This calculator can help you determine how long you will live, the final cost of your pension, how much money you will have after taxes, and how long it will take for you to reach a specific age. You will be able to know how long you will live and how you will be able to pay your bills while you are alive, based on several factors. All of this is done automatically once you download FERS Annuity Calculator. In addition, there are many more features as well that allow you to customize the results so you get back the information you need most. After using the FERS calculator, you can see how your return on investment will look like and how much you will have to pay into your plan after you retire.

The FERS Retirement Calculator allows you to select three different states that you would like to invest in: High-3, High-5, or Low-3. These three options are based on the assumption that you will live in the same locality for the majority of the year (as well as for a part-time basis). There is also an option for you to select the number of years required to reach your retirement age. If you don’t want to wait as long as the annuity suggests, you can select No investment selection.

The FERS retirement calculator is designed to be user friendly. It includes federal tax and social security numbers, if you are a single person with no dependent children, and if you are a married person with one dependent child. If you select the High-5 option, the result is an annual return that assumes you receive five hundred dollars per month after taxes. If you select the High-3 option, the result is an annual return that assumes you receive three hundred dollars per month in federal tax.


Tips for Residence Renovations Projects

1. What is the goal of restoring? From making space to giving a lift, there are many factors, as well as you’ll understand yours. Currently, if you never prepare to sell as well as adding value is much less of a concern that adding style, comfort and feature you may not need to read on. Yet if your restoration is about more than this consider the following:

– If you plan to market instantly or somewhere in the following 5 years, take into consideration the needs of your prospective customers.

– If you want to add immediate worth find out which houses in your area are costing peak price and what they have that you can add.

2. Just how do you add the biggest value?

The general rule is that if the bathroom and kitchen present well, this adds value as well as draws in buyers. So generally stick to this, but consider manner ins which you can make them extra attractive as inexpensively as possible. The enhancement of handles, re-laminating versus replacing, a new paint work and de-cluttering can make all the distinction.

3. All of it beginnings with a plan.

Compose everything down, yes that’s right go from area to room as well as make a plan. This will information what will certainly stay, what you’ll get rid of as well as what’s required as well as better still this is what you’ll use as your guide for tradespeople. I typically work on a Plan A (my ideal) as well as a Fallback (what I’ll do if my budget plan doesn’t cover Strategy A) and you can ask for quotes for both.

4. Who do you require to help?

Your plan will provide you with the information you need to work out that you require to complete your remodelling project. Opting for suggested professions people always beats calling somebody on wing and a petition, so ask around for recommendations.

5. Just how do you arrange it?

This isn’t constantly something you can exercise conveniently on your own however beginning by asking tradespeople how they would work with a specific job (would they come once, or really need to find back), will they be the very first in or would certainly one more trades individual really need to find in before them, ask them for how long they’ll require to complete the job and so on. AND rule out two hrs on a couple of days where they will all come and also quote.

Construction Trends

New Trends in Roof Materials

Roof is one of one of the most crucial elements of house and building construction as a lot of frameworks would require something to act as shelter. It is not unusual how roof covering has established throughout background and however just over the past twenty years. As even more homes are being built, a lot more alternatives of roof covering have actually grown too. This fills the numerous demands, not just of function, but likewise of appearances. It is amazing to observe how many options a homeowner can make when it comes to roofing.

The Built-up Roofing

If there is one roof covering choice that is thought about a traditional, it would most absolutely be the built-up roof covering system. Established for over a century earlier, this type of roofing has a time-tested credibility that makes it nearly an automatic option for a lot of home builders. Naturally, this is not a best roof choice as it can posture some considerable constraints, yet a lot of those who selected this type have seen it function rather well.

The built-up roofing system is usually preferred instead of high web traffic and when there is an opportunity for the roofing system to be based on mechanical abuse. The built-up roofing’s membrane layer is typically thicker and more powerful compared to most other roofing options with its numerous layers and crushed rock surfacing. Given that this is a prominent choice, it is usually simple to locate a specialist that can take care of both installation and fixing of this roofing system enter the majority of areas.

The main downside with built-up roofings is inflexibility. The roofing system might undergo harm because of structural or thermal activity. A long structure would require extra roof covering assistance to stop the roofing from damage as a result of contraction. The compression due to cool temperature levels or stretching due to warm temperature levels might likewise take a toll on built-up roofs. Much treatment is needed if these factors are pronounced in a particular location.

Modified-Bitumen Roof

Modified-bitumen roofings have comparable advantages and negative aspects as built-up roofs. However, one excellent benefit of this roofing option is that it performs significantly better throughout cold weather. This kind of roof has been created to come to be versatile when the temperature is reduced. They can adapt to temperature level changes far better than the built-up roofing.

There are two type of modified-bitumen roofing systems – the plastic-based ones (APPLICATION) and the rubber-based ones (SEBS and SBS). The plastic-based membrane layers are usually mounted utilizing torches while the rubber-based membranes are mounted using chilly adhesives or warm asphalt. A lot of modified-bitumen roof coverings currently have granulated surface areas so they are lighter than built-up roofs that have gravel surfaces. Modified-bitumen roofing systems might also be included as cap sheets on top of existing built-up roofings. This includes redundancy to the roof along with some adaptability.

Single-Ply Roof

Singly-ply roof covering, as its name suggests, is consisted of a solitary layer construct from plastic or elastic material. Since there is only one layer, this kind of roof covering is thick. There are two kinds of single-ply roofs, initially, thermoset membranes whose joints are secured utilizing adhesives and 2nd, thermoplastic membrane layers whose joints are bonded making use of heat or a solvent. There are 3 kinds of attachment for single-plys – ballasted, loose-laid and fully adhered. As a result of its light weight, the single-ply is usually utilized for re-covering. They are additionally quite affordable.

Single-ply roof coverings might be sensitive to specific substances and wonderful treatment need to be taken when choosing from various type of single-plys. EPDM and PVC-based materials can be damaged when revealed to oil, jet fuel, and food preparation oil. When there are such emissions in the area, the chemical structure of the single-ply membrane layer must be examined meticulously.

Steel Roof

Steel roof is no more restricted to those dripping sliding panels attached together rather insecurely and afterwards screwed or toenailed to a structure. Today, there are metal roofs that have actually a lot more safe and secure concealed clips that can be broadened or acquired. Probably one of the most essential variable for choosing metal roof covering is its life span: metal does not break down or break down despite direct exposure to extremes in weather condition. Some steel roof might have warranties of as much as half a century. The negative aspect with steel nevertheless is the greater opportunity of leaks compared to other roof covering choices. If metal is not mounted correctly, leakages are most likely to happen.

There are a number of other roofing options these days. It is just crucial to pick the appropriate kind for the best framework. Whether it is brand-new or a timeless, good roof covering ought to serve its objective of supplying good insurance coverage.

Building Maintenance

Tips on How to Look For an Outstanding Plumbing Service

Finding a plumbing related service specialist might be straightforward, but employing a plumbing system specialist is not actually an easy thing to do. To avoid yourself from making the most usual errors of choosing a poor plumbing system service company, you may want to take into account a few points.

Mainly, a great plumbing technician should be eager to provide extraordinary plumbing repair services. In addition to ensuring that all your pipes frameworks function just fine, an amazing plumbing technician should prepare with the needed tools, and also he needs to quickly react to any pipes emergency situations like dripping pipelines or blocked drains in one of the most qualified way feasible.

Furthermore, exceptional services for pipes must have the capacity to deal not only with straightforward pipes as well as drain troubles, but they need to additionally bring back and also re-install even one of the most complicated plumbing related problems that exist.

In addition, before employing a plumber, make sure that he is currently insured and also is already a State Contractors Permit Board (CSLB) passer. This might make you feel much more at peace that you are employing a signed up plumbing technician to manage your house’s plumbing repair troubles, and you might delegate him to go over the properties of your residence.

Additionally, bear in mind that utilizing an unlicensed and also inexperienced plumbing technician could potentially show up much less expensive for you, but the fact is you may end up spending a bigger amount of money as their inexperience may cause unsettled plumbing problems to become worse and harder to fix, and also this might eventually require you to pay for much more so your existing plumbing trouble could be entirely dealt with.

Moreover, a great plumbing provider of service company also provides plumbing system reconstruction and stopped up drain cleansing 24/7. It gives schedule even in the wee hrs of the early morning just so it might offer you an excellent pipes service. Regardless of whether you are experiencing pipes difficulties inside your residence or inside your business building, a phenomenal pipes service can manage them anytime.

So although you are not expecting any plumbing related concerns to happen in the future or if you have been suffering from a leaking pipeline for time, perhaps you already demand the help of a qualified plumbing system solution to maintain you from stressing over all the unneeded trouble. Just remember though that you have to not disregard any type of existing plumbing repair issues nor merely wait for these to become something uncontrollable prior to you decide on lastly hiring a remarkably skilled plumbing professional.